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Animal Planet Kids 1 ( Kitten )

Cherry Lane Pouch

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Артикул: APK.B1

Animal Planet Kids 1 ( Kitten )
The animal kingdom is a fun, exciting place for kids to explore. The fascination of animals in our own backyard and in nature is a source of wonderment and joy for developing minds. Our link to this playful, wild world is an important lesson for future generations; understanding that our everyday actions have the potential to impact these incredible creatures and their habitat is crucial.

Produced under license with Animal Planet™, these cute and colourful designs bring amazing animals into kids’ everyday lives.

Размер сумки в развернутом виде: 45 см. x 42 см.
Размер сумки в сложенном виде: 10 см. x 4.3 см.
Cумка выдерживает вес: 19.95 кг.
Вес сумки: 39.2 гр.
Ткань: Полиэстер

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